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Welcome to Righteous Crusaders

We are a growing supergroup looking for people that want not only to level like crazy, but to share knowledge, tips and time to help your groupmates.  Our members, especially the leaders and commanders, are always ready exemplar or sidekick to help with a mission, to offer advice, or to assist in material ways when your a bit short on influence or need a particular recipe or salvage item.

PLEASE READ the SuperGroup Rules/Policies and the SuperGroup Benefits on the Library page, and Vote on all Voting Questions once your site membership has been approved.

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Upgrading the size of the Transportation Division base to allow for more teleporters.  We have the prestige to do this now, but we need a bit more activity in that SG to make sure the 10,000 prestige per week base rent won't eat into reserves.  If you have a RCTD (Righteous Crusaders Transportation Division) character, play it from time to time, and do some recruiting. Make sure to let new recruits know that we are part of RC and that the /coalition channel will communication with all of us.  Tell them about the web page too.

Hamidon Raid heads up

jnorton82, Jan 6, 09 6:55 AM.
Hey people, I am just trying to let you all in on the fact that I am holding an open meeting this Saturday at 9/8/7/6PM in Pocket D just under DJ Zero looking for co-leaders that might be interested in helping with Hamidon Raids. If any in the SG wants to help me let me know, the more turnout for the SG that we can get the better.

Also if you are interested in leading or just participating in a Hami I ask that you at least scan FashionSense's Hami Guide as this is the model I believe we are going to pursue.

thnx again.

take the MMORPG personailty quiz

jnorton82, Dec 25, 08 4:52 PM.
I found this online and thought everyone would like to try this quiz that will tell you what type of MMORPG player you are. It's only 20 questions long and took me 4 or 5 minutes at the most.

By the way, my type is an Achiever

General Knowledge is Taking Time Off

theatergeek9, Dec 17, 08 9:41 PM.
Hi Everyone,
    This will be the last thing that you hear from me until the new year.  I am taking time off from the game to spend time with my family during the holidays.  If you need to reach me send notice to Teslan or Nightmare Hound.  They will pass the news along to me.  To all of the Righteous Crusaders, have a happy holidays and a splendid new year.  Farewell for now.

Your HR director and comrade in crusading,

theatergeek9 a.k.a General Knowledge

Issue 13 Live

jnorton82, Dec 2, 08 7:53 PM.
Issue 13 is now live players!!!

Welcome New Members This Month

539228872_Inactive, Oct 27, 08 8:09 PM.
Dr. Elec Trick (Defender)
Rip Claw        (Scrapper)
Sight Stream  (Controller)
Ancient Tree (Defender)

jnorton82, aka Nightmare Hound, has been promoted

539228872_Inactive, Oct 12, 08 4:05 PM.
jnorton82, aka Nightmare Hound, has been promoted to Officer status on the web page.

Along with the sheer glory and prestige conferred along with that, he also has been granted administrative rights to most parts of the web site.

Congratulations Nightmare Hound, and thanks for all the work and dedication you've shown to the SG.

Nightmare Hound Leads the Giant Octopus Hunt

539228872_Inactive, Oct 12, 08 3:52 PM.
Saturday, at 8PM Central time, Nightmare Hound gathered together some Righteous Crusaders and headed to Independence Port to locate the most terrifying of giant octopods, Lusca.

After locating the creature, other heros were summoned to assist. 

Taking out one tentacle at a time, the heroes whittled the beast down until only the head was left. 

Lighting bolts in the eyes sent it to the bottom quickly.

Nightmare Hound saves the villains

theatergeek9, Sep 20, 08 11:21 PM.
Hey again everyone,
    Big congratulations to Nightmare Hound for Saving the Un-Righteous Crusaders from bankruptcy.  Thanks to the work that he has put in as Slayv, the villain group has been moved from negative prestige, to about 100,000 prestige.  I have placed him in charge of the villain base since it is unlikely we will have much time to devote to fixing it up.  However I am sure that he will not mind us intervening if we need to.

Also, We welcome Hound's freind Elian with her two heroes SexyBean and EnergizerBunnie.  make sure that she feels welcome.

Ta-Ta for now.

theatergeek9 a.k.a General Knowledge.
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